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CTC-RI Clinical Strategy Committee Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Matt Collins
What are important performance measures of the productivity or performance of care management? In other words, how do people know how effective the care management is?
Andrew Saal
"UDS" = the federal data used to measure and rank community health centers. It is similar to eCQMs used for Medicare and Meaningful Use
Pano Yeracaris
or in the new world - the pharmacist is part of that extended care team
Pano Yeracaris
we are already seeing a focus on Medicare
Tom Bledsoe
Rhode Island Medical Society very actively working (with others on this call) to preserve gains in access to and coverage of telehealth in RI (legislatively).
Andrew Saal
Agree - Our anecdotal experience: Patients with behavioral health conditions prefer non-video platform ("safer") and not everyone has smart phone with video and ample minutes. BH services may benefit from a carve out from any new regs *requiring* video for reimbursement
Debra Hurwitz
Oak Street has been established in RI and several PCPs have gone to work for them.
Matt Collins
BCBSRI has been promoting the Collaborative Care Model for the past many years. There is only one practice that has adopted it. We pay the Collab Care codes for practices who implement it. So far, only one has taken advantage. Many RI practices have implemented IBH using the co-located model.
Matt Collins
where did you obtain the dollars to invest in the collaborative care model implementation?
Andrew Saal
What he's describing now has many names, but it's similar to the VT "hub and spoke" and "primary care psychiatry"
Rena Sheehan
One challenge with the collaborative care codes has been configuring the EHR, how did you overcome that issue?
Pano Yeracaris
This looks like a "modified" collab care model - closer to our "IBH" with some psych back up but actually using CHWs much more. RIDOH has helped put forward "CHT expansion" by providing additional training CHWs in Cardiovascular disease
Matt Collins
There is a lot of concern in RI about attribution methodology and the critical percent of patients under cap in order to be successful. Can you comment on that?
Andrew Saal
PPS = Prospective Payment System... it's a functional fee-for-service rate for a health center. Long-story short: it was OK for a few decades but now has limitations since it's based on face-to-face visits and doesn't necessarily leave the health center with any incentive (risk) to deliver highest quality care. (in my humble opinion :-)
Matt Collins
Is there more money for the additional team members e.g. triage nurse? speaking about slide 29.
Matt Collins
he was speaking of the collab care model. he said it could be used beyond it's original purpose. did you hear him reference U Wash? and the BH diagnoses driving ED use?
Jill Glickman
Link to pediatric Comprehensive Primary Care resource deck developed in the fall:https://www.ctc-ri.org/sites/default/files/CTC-RI%20Pediatric%20Care%20Delivery%20Components%20012221_FINAL.pdf
Jill Glickman
Link to adult Comprehensive Primary Care resource deck developed in the fall: https://www.ctc-ri.org/sites/default/files/CTC-RI%20Adult%20Care%20Delivery%20Components%20012221_FINAL.pdf
Mary Jo Condon
Slide 18 in pediatric deck shows a diagram
Mary Jo Condon
that maybe helpful
Jonathan Leviss
Eric Manheimer (NYU) would be cheering for Art's comment on open access and how we use it!
Susanne Campbell
One of the barriers with collaborative care model has been time based codes. Can you comment on that?
Jill Glickman
Thank you Dr Jones!
Jessica Rubinstein
Well said!